A Day in the Life of a Pipefitter

A Day in the Life of a Pipefitter: What It Looks Like


What’s a day in the life of an electrician like? Well, the truth is it can vary. That’s the beauty of the trade. Every day is different. You’re often working a new job site with fresh challenges.

As part of the pipefitter job description, you can work in harsh environments, in the cold, the heat, the weather. But you’re working with your hands to build something — and it feels pretty good.

They plan the layouts to piping and mechanical systems. You’ll install and repair pipes according to specifications. Pipefitters clean, repair, and maintain pipe systems, machines, and equipment. They inspect and replace worn components.


From Day One: YOU Make It Happen


If you qualify, pass our career aptitude test, and are accepted into our apprenticeship program, the rest is up to you. All it takes is a little work ethic and a drive to make it happen.

This work’s not going anywhere. This job can’t be outsourced overseas. There will always be pipe mechanical systems and a need for someone qualified to install them safely. This industry has high demand due to a retiring workforce. In 10, 20 years you’ll enjoy a solid career with great income potential in an industry that can’t ever seem to satisfy its demand.