Career Path: Your Guide to Success!

Pipe Fitter Career Path:

Your Guide to Success!

Once you’ve met the pre-requisites & pipefitter qualifications, submitted the required documentation, gone through our career aptitude testing & interview process, and been accepted into our program — you become a pipefitter apprentice. We’ll help you build a successful and satisfying career.

Apprenticeship Explained


As an Apprentice, you’ll learn on-the-job training for everything you need to know to be a successful pipefitter — and get paid to do it! You’re a pipefitter apprentice learning key technical skills you need to succeed.


The program takes 5 years to complete — including classroom & on-the-job training. As you do so, you earn union wages. Apprentices start earning 50% of a Journey Workers wages. Your pay increases the longer you are in the program if work proves satisfactory.


For the first 4 years, you attend 160 hours a year in classroom training paid for by the contractor you are working for. In your 5th year, you will attend night school for 160 hours on your own time (unpaid).

Becoming a Journeyworker


Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll take an exam for certification. Upon successful certification, you are a Journey Worker and a member of Pipe Fitters Local Union 120.

Pipefitter Certification Training


As a union member and Journey Worker, you are eligible for further training, specialized certification, and skill updates in order to increase your employability and worth on the job market. The training and education are included free in your membership.

A Brighter Future


As a Journey Worker, you can become a foreman, general foreman, superintendent, salesperson, designer or owner — potentially earning 6-figure salaries. How you decide to build your career is up to you!