What is a Pipe Fitter Apprentice?

Apprenticeship Training Explained


As an apprentice in the Apprenticeship Training Committee school, you’re a union member of the Pipefitter Local #120 — enjoying all the rights and protections of the trade. Over a 5-year program, you are trained to be a pipefitter journey worker with the skills you need to succeed.

You’ll learn how to install and repair pipes in businesses, factories, and hospitals and universities. Learn about the installation, remodeling or maintenance of line systems, PVC pipes, and piping systems critical for industrial production, heating and air conditioning, and more!

You’ll learn about blueprint reading, mathematics, safety, piping codes, specifications, and skills related to pipework. You’ll learn how to work with and install a variety of pipes and mechanical systems.

Pre-Requisites to Become a Pipefitter Apprentice:


  • High school Diploma/GED

  • Drivers License/Car


Length of Program; School Hour Education Requirements


5-year building trades apprentice pipefitter helper duties


  • 160 hours x 4 years paid

  • 160 hours x 1 year in the evening unpaid

  • 1,700 hours OTJT (On the Job Training) per year

  • Total of 8,500 hours OTJT (On the Job Training)

  • 800 total classroom hours

  • 400 weld hours or UA Weld Certification by the end of the 4th year (on your own time).

7 year HVAC/MES Service Technician pipefitter helper duties


  • 120 hours per year in the evening non-paid

  • 1,700 OTJT (On the Job Training)


You’ll learn these critical pipe fitter duties, responsibilities & technical skills:


  • How to install & service fire sprinkler systems

  • Gas fitting

  • Pipe fabrication & assembly

  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts and equipment

  • Air & water balance

  • Pneumatic & electric control work

  • Startup of all mechanical equipment

  • In-plant operation of mechanical systems

  • Servicing utility plants & systems

You’ll work in environments such as:


  • Hospitals & Universities

  • Steel Mills, Airports, Government Facilities

  • Garden &High-Rise Apartment Buildings

  • Large & Small Office Complexes

  • Power Plants

  • Refineries & Factories