Ready for an exciting career with a high salary? Apply to our pipefitter school — great pay, excellent benefits. Earn while you learn!

Get Paid to Go to Pipe Fitter School! Great Pay, Health Ins., Pension


Why worry about tuition? Sign up for Cleveland’s Pipefitter Local #120 Apprenticeship Training school! Work a union job in Cleveland and earn while you learn.


If selected into apprenticeship program, earn a percentage of union hall wages!
● Union hall members on average earn $60,000+ per year.


A Journeyworker card is as good as gold — ask anybody in the pipefitter industry. If you want to work — and you like to build — it’s your ticket to a successful and dependable career. Support a family. Own a home. Learn a valuable skill and start working right away.


Earn quality health coverage for family following probationary period. Low deductibles! Start earning a pension for retirement! Build a career.

Northern Ohio has seen substantial growth in the medical and industrial sectors. There are plenty of jobs with good pay! And the future’s bright —

Once you’ve submitted the required documentation, gone through our career aptitude testing, and been accepted into our program — you become a pipefitter apprentice.


As an apprentice in the Apprenticeship Training Committee school, you’re a pipefitter
union member of the Pipefitter Local #120


A pipefitter does more than just repair pipes. They specifically work with pipes made from materials designed to handle high-pressure substances.


Every day is different. That’s what great about being a pipefitter. As part of the job description,
you’re often working a new job site with challenges.


We offer countless opportunities for our members to continue their education with further
pipefitter training.


Our Program in a Nutshell


For over 120 years, pipefitters local 120 and JATC have been passing on knowledge and experience of the mechanical industry. We train apprentices by the book for the Pipefitters Local 120 — a Cleveland union hall of Pipe  Fitters, Sprinkler Fitters, and HVAC Service Technicians, journey workers, and apprentices. As a pipefitter apprentice, learn how to build a stronger Cleveland and a better Northeast Ohio!


Become part of the community and build a promising career. It’s an amazing industry with plenty of jobs and great job demand! You’ll learn how to install and repair pipes in businesses, factories, hospitals and universities. Keep up with the industry with the latest technologies. Learn about the installation, remodeling or maintenance of the piping systems critical for industrial production, fire suppression, heating and air conditioning, and more!